Sony Xperia Z3 Compact- Is It Worth Buying?

The mobile phone industry is the most dynamic technology industry of all. Almost every day, some or the other company is launching its new phone, making it a really tough choice for buyers to freeze on one specific model. If today, a person has made up his or her mind to buy a particular phone in next couple of days, by the time that person hits the showroom for purchasing that model, a couple of more new models get added to the display. Thankfully it is because of this competition that we have really good options available and that too at reasonable prices. One of the latest attention-grabbing additions in this category after Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been from Sony.

Sony’s new launch in the mobile industry has created enough buzz in the market with its all new Sony Xperia Z3 compact. Compared to the model’s predecessor, Sony has added and brushed up many features and updates in this model. With a comparatively larger screen size than before, the model retains its original body size that it had launched with compact Z1. The Xperia Z3 model promises tons of power, and boasts of its waterproof feature. It is dust tight and resists water beyond 1 meter for almost more than 30 minutes allowing users to click amazing quality pictures under the water with its 21 megapixel high resolution camera. This smartphone is designed to capture all the great moments of your life and enhance your living. Even in low lights, the camera capabilities are unparalleled.

The all new Xperia Z3 compact allows you to answer calls in the rain. It is very thin and compact letting you hold and handle the phone easily with one hand. It is a perfect rare combination of beauty with durability. The phone incorporates the latest Sony audio technology matched with brightest display and styles front facing stereo speakers. Combining the best technologies in all its functions, this phone claims to deliver the best Smartphone experience. The battery life is good having big 2,600mAh battery, to keep the phone functioning for 2 days without any need for charge in between.

What is a smartphone without wonderful gaming experience? One thing you stay assured of if you buy Xperia Z3 is that you are never going to get bored anywhere. No more depending on television as this is the only smartest phone that offers PS4 Remote play. The PS4 remote play facilitates easy switching from your gaming console to your phone. Taking your game along with you wherever you go is now very easy with Z3.

The only disappointment about Xperia Z3 is its screen resolution. The screen size has increased from its previous model, but the resolution is retained from its predecessor Z1, making the picture clarity not so sharp. However, it is too small reason to reject this master piece. The model has taken all the goods of its flagship model and made some better changes. But as a whole and at its offered price, Sony Xperia Z3 is a worth pick.