Apple Watch Series 5 – News, Release Date, And Feature

Apple’s latest generation of smartwatch has been announced alongside the new iPhones at the company’s latest event on 10 September. Apple’s Watch Series 5 has been available to pre-order online and will be available on stores starting from 20 September 2019.

The Apple Watch Series 5 will start at $399/£399 for the GPS only model and $499/£499 for the GPS and Cellular model. There will be new Nike models and new Hermes models, as well as new casing materials including titanium and ceramic joining the aluminium and stainless steel options.

Apple Watch Series 5 - News, Release Date, And Feature

Apple Watch Series 5 features


The Apple Watch Series 4 made some big design changes in terms of display. The general style and shape remains the same as the original Watch, but the Series 4 offered a lot more screen in similar footprints, and the Apple Watch Series 5 retains the same design. This year is more of an “S” year for the Watch, allowing the iPhone 11 series to snap up the limelight.

There are a few new features though. The Apple Watch Series 5 comes with an Always On Display, which means you’ll always be able to see the watch face without having to raise your wrist or tap the display. Watch faces have been optimised for the new feature and Apple says battery life won’t be affected.

Apple Watch Series 5 - News, Release Date, And Feature

The new Apple Watch also adds a built-in compass, offering users elevation and incline data. There is also a new safety feature on board in the form of international emergency calling. This feature is only available on the Cellular models but users will be able to press and hold the side button on their Apple Watch Series 5 and the Watch will dial emergency services.

In terms of other features, the Apple Watch Series 5 offers the same features as Series 4, including waterproofing, an electrical heart sensor built into the Digital Crown and all the activity and workout features the older model has.

What’s new in watchOS 6?

Apple Watch Series 5 - News, Release Date, And Feature

The next-generation Apple Watch software was announced in June 2019 and it has a few tricks up its sleeve that come to Apple Watch Series 5. There’s an App Store, a step towards Apple Watch not being so reliant on your iPhone.

There are new watch faces, as you’d expect – a new gradient face, digital face and more, while you can also get Apple Watch to alert you at the top of the hour. A new Noise app alerts you if the decibel level is too high around you – it’s designed for those regularly in noisy environments where there is potential for gradual hearing loss after long-term exposure.

Then there’s a cycle tracking feature that will enable female watch wearers to track menstrual cycles. You can also get predictions about fertile times. This will be available in the Health App in iOS, too, so you won’t necessarily need an Apple Watch.

Finally new Apple Watch apps for voice memos, calculator and audiobooks are also due – and the calculator will be able to split-the-bill and work out tips.